Microsoft Changes their Stance on the Xbox 1

Amidst what many would say has been some negative implications to the next gen console even before the launch of the Xbox 1, Microsoft has changed its stance of many confirmations that have just recently been made. Two big announcements recently made have surrounded much of the headlines that have been concerning the Xbox One as the initial stance of bringing the new console into the next generation of gaming, it seems as though the new stance surrounds reinventing the current generation to dismiss much of the negative press that have been surrounding them.

Earlier in the month, Microsoft announced two new changes would be integrated into the Xbox 1 console as a means of increasing the user-experiences and creating an entire methodology of an all-inclusive media hub. What they seemed to have done with the announced requirements concerning used game restrictions and mandatory internet connections is lose some of the loyal fan base that have been evident since Microsoft’s entrance into the console industry. Now, a radical change as it would seem as a reinvention of what we have come to expect on the Xbox 360 for years now.

Recanting the former statement of requiring a one time a day internet connection, Microsoft now attends that on the Xbox One an internet connection will only be required with the first set-up of the new console. After this, there will be no mandatory log-ins or internet connections to be able to maintain the ability to play Xbox 1 games.

The restriction for Xbox One used games has been the other debacle that many have publicly denounced has also been recanted, as the old policy on used Xbox games will be in effect on the console after launch this November. Recently announcing that used games would be fully supported on the Xbox One console in the same manner that game discs have been supported on the Xbox 360. This will have a profound effect on the console war that has been ensuing, as many analysts anticipate a sudden peak in interest in the days that are coming.

The sudden change at heart Microsoft’s Don Mattrick wrote in a statement is contributed to the outcries of gaming enthusiasts who showed a great deal of passion and interest into the direction of the Xbox 1 console. As a means of appealing to all gamers, creating the ultimate gaming experience is the direction that they contend they are heading in, and the slight change in pace will help assure that they get there.

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